Purchasing Wetlander as a 2-Layer or 3-layer kit consisting of both Primer(s) and Topcoat is the best way to achieve long lasting performance.  What each layer is,…

Wearlon Industrial Epoxy Primer – Tough and protective epoxy providing optimal durability & adhesion.

Wetlander Primer – A hybrid of Wearlon Industrial Epoxy Primer and Wetlander Topcoat, providing excellent slickness and durability.

Wetlander Topcoat – Provides amazing slickness and very good durability.

Note:  After applying a Wetlander 2-Layer or 3-Layer kit, you should only have to touch up with Wetlander Topcoat occasionally for the life of the boat.  By applying one of these kits, you should NEVER have to flip your boat over and “strip all the old stuff off”; just add another layer of Wetlander Topcoat if needed.  We offer quarts of Wetlander Topcoat by itself for touchups.

For Boats less than 45 sq. ft.

Image of a Quart of Wetlander Topcoat

1 Layer Quart Topcoat———–> $79——————>Order Here button

(Topcoat alone provides excellent slip and durability)


Image of a Wetlander 2L kit in Quarts

2 Layer Kit in Quarts —————> $158 — Most Popular Kit—–>Order Here button

(One layer of WL Primer and one layer of WL Topcoat optimizes slip and durability)


Image of Wetlander 3L kit in Quarts

3 Layer Kit in Quarts —*Discounted* per quart —$225 —->Order Here button

(One layer of Wearlon® Industrial Primer, One layer of WL Primer, and one layer of WL Topcoat provides maximum durability)


 For Boats 45 to 100 square feet

Image of Wetlander Topcoat Half Gallon

1 Layer Half-Gallon Topcoat ————-> $118 ————–>Order Here button

(Topcoat alone provides excellent slip and durability)


Image of Wetlander 2L Kit in half gallons

2 Layer Kit in Half-Gallons —Most Popular Kit–> $236 ——->Order Here button

(One layer of WL Primer and one layer of WL Topcoat optimizes durability)


Image of Wetlander 3L kit in half gallon containers

3 Layer Kit in Half-Gallons —*Discounted* per half gallon$340>Order Here button

(One layer of Wearlon® Industrial Primer, one layer of WL Primer, and one layer of WL Topcoat provides maximum durability)



For Boats 100-200 square feet

Wetlander topcoat, one gallon

1 Layer Gallon Topcoat —————>$222———>Order Here button

(Topcoat alone provides excellent slip and durability)


IMG_25982 Layer Kit in Gallons ————–> $444 —Most Popular Kit–>Order Here button

(One layer of WL Primer and one layer of WL Topcoat optimizes durability)


Wetlander 3L kit, gallons

3 Layer Kit in Gallons –*Discounted* per gallon —-$630 >Order Here button

(One layer of Wearlon® Industrial Primer, one layer of WL Primer, and one layer of WL Topcoat provides maximum durability)

Wetlander 5 gal pail pic

Wetlander 5 Gallon Pail —*Discounted* per gallon —->$1,070

–> Call Scott @ (518) 469-3612 for discounted pricing.


57 Comments on “Products/Prices

  1. Do you have dealers in Quebec Canada ?
    Could I apply for dealership ?
    Ever tought of applying on skis, snowboards, Sea doos etc ?

    • Hi Pierre,

      Call me at (518) 469-3612 to discuss CA dealership possibilities. Yes, we have put Wetlander on skis, snowboards and small personal watercraft before.


  2. How much do need for a airboat hull (fiberglass) 8ft wide 13 ft long …one quart or a couple?

  3. Does it smell strong?…like a typical epoxy odor?
    Or more like a regular latex house paint?

    • Matt,

      In terms of smell, Wetlander is not nearly as strong as a “regular” epoxy, but a little stronger than latex house paint. If you are rolling, you might not even notice a smell. If you decide to spray it, I would recommend wearing a respirator.


  4. Is there a benefit to rolling over spraying or vice versa? (last longer, thicker coat, etc.)

    • Dan,

      Spraying tends to leave a smoother surface and you can apply a thicker coat at one time. Rolling is much faster and has easier cleanup. The choice to roll or spray comes down to your equipment and skill set.
      I always roll surfaces lager than 2×2 (ft) because it is just easier.


  5. How much do I need for a srandard 16 ft drift boat ? Most likely spray on and how much prep would I need to do before application

    • Pay,

      For any and all drift boats, I recommend a 2-Layer Kit in Half Gallon containers.

      Prep is: sand the aluminum with 150 grit sandpaper, wipe with acetone, apply masking tape, then apply your Wetlander. It’s easy. The prep is 90% of the work.


    • David,
      As long as you use a gun that can reliably shoot a standard latex house paint, you should not have to thin down. Most people who spray Wetlander on a daily basis like a 3.0 tip.


  6. have you had anyone use this on a sailboat hull? how long could this last in saltwater sitting when applied properly?

    • Joshua,

      Wetlander is more for the shallow water boaters. A better coating for sailboats is our Speedcoat-49 coating. It is very non-stick and is our best drag reducing coating. It will last for many years in saltwater with no problem. The coating is only depleted through abrasion over time. Most sailboats do not experience much abrasion. If possible, call me at 518-469-3612 and we can go over some options.


  7. Does wetlander seal rivets on an aluminum jon boat and how much would I need for 12ftx32inches boat?

    • Ryan,

      Get ready for my “cut-n-paste” stock answer: “Yes, Wetlander will help stop the water from weeping through small rivet pops and small welding/seam gaps. HOWEVER, stopping leaks is not what Wetlander is designed to do, nor would I ever recommend it as a leak stopping product.
      My advice is do it once and do it right: Weld those holes shut, or, use a marine grade sealant/adhesive that works well with aluminum (5200 by 3M is one) and plug up the holes. THEN coat it with Wetlander and you should have no problems with slow leaks.”

      A 12 x 3 boat can easily get away with either a 2-Layer or 3-Layer kit in quarts.


  8. I’m having a jet tunnel cut into my 13′ aluminum jet fishing boat. I’ve desided to use Your product with hopes it can handle the abuse. I have 56 sq ft but want as much protection as possible. I’m figuring 3 layers. Does that sounded right to you?

    • Dennis,

      Carbon dust…? I imagine that is to reinforce the resin and add some durability? I don’t think you will have any trouble with adhesion. Just prep the carbon epoxy resin like you would regular fiberglass resin; sand it with 100-150 grit sandpaper, then wipe with acetone. I don’t expect you’ll have any problems.


  9. I plan to use your product on my Wooldridge. My gestimation is I will need 144 Sq. Ft.covered. I already have a few friends interested in the result. I own a canvas boat top shop. Am interested in carrying your product. I am based in Whitehorse Yukon and serve the Yukon, Northwest Territories and parts of Alaska.

  10. How much will i need to cover just the bottom of a canoe ..18ft ..3ft wide in middle as it narrows to each ends….get the pic …will this coating perform ..with less drag….

    • Forgot to mention ..the Roll & tip method……can it be painted that get a smooth finish ..besides Roller paintin it….

      • Don’t try to roll and tip; brushing Wetlander never looks good. Either use a godd 5/8 inch roller, or if you want the smoothest coat possible, spray it on.


    • Jamie,

      We don’t have anyone in AK with Wetlander on their shelves. We ship directly to our customers. You can order by visiting our online store, or you can call me directly at 518-469-3612.


    • Hello Scott
      I built a new wooden drift boat.
      The bottom is a 3/4 ” polypropylene honeycomb panel with 5 layers of built up epoxy resin with two layers of epoxy resin with carbon dust.
      Will this product stick to carbonepoxy?

      • Hi Dennis,

        Yes, Wetlander will stick to carbon epoxy. Just treat it like gelcoat; sand it with 150 grit sandpaper, wipe with acetone, then apply your Wetlander.


  11. I have a river jet boat does about 35 mph have ran into a few rocks over the time I had it. Question is would it better to put more than one coat one for harder impacts?

    • Same question. I have a 2372 Predator inboard river jet that takes a ton of abuse! It hits gravel, sand, and plows over fallen timber regularly! If I were to do the 3 layer and then multi coat the topcoat would it increase durability?

      • Nathan,

        A 2372 Predator would need our gallon-sized containers, since it is well over the 100 square foot mark (gallon kits cover up to 200 sq. ft., and half gallon kits cover up to 100 sq. ft.). Since that boat is essentially 140 square feet, you would have plenty of leftover coating to apply multiple coats of both the primer and topcoat, which is ideal. More thickness = more durability over time.


    • Corey,

      It’s always better to have a bit of thickness when coating a boat that may impact rocks, floating trees, gravel, etc. That way, there is more material to work through over time. Most jet boats under 16 ft and under can get away with our half gallon kits, which cover up to 100 square feet. If your total coverage is over 100 square feet, you need to move up to our gallon sized kits, which cover up to 200 square feet. With whatever kit you get, put it all on your boat… It may be 2 coats or 4, just get it all on there.


  12. I have a 14′ x 5′ aluminum jon boat that i had sand blasted.. Had do some patching on some holes but it now has an etched finish do the sand blasting… How much material would I need to coat the bottom and would I have a problem with my etched finish ? Or will still finish smooth ?

    • Bobby,

      Sand blasting is a great surface to get adhesion to. You should be just fine with applying a Wetlander kit over that surface. As long as you get a minimum of 2 coats on there, there should be no problem.


  13. What one do I need to cover the bottom of a 16’6 x48 Duck boat. And what one would be the best one to use.

    • Rodney,

      Either a 2-Layer kit in half gallon containers, or a 3-Layer kit in half gallon containers. It all depends on you level of abrasion. A 3-Layer kit should last longer.


  14. How much topcoat do I need for a drift boat 16’ Long by 4’ Wide? It’s a 86 alumaweld drift boat

    • Roger,
      For drift boats, I always recommend a 2-Layer kit in half gallon containers. Always.


      • Ok what’s the least amount I could get away with on a 16 foot by 4 foot drift boat. Could I buy the one for 45 square feet?

    • Roger,

      For drift boats, I always recommend a 2-Layer kit in half gallon containers. Always.


  15. Will i have a problem affixing Hull numbers if i choose to coat the entire hull?

    • Matthew,

      Yes, you will have a problem getting the stickers to stick on a Wetlander-coated surface (even on the primer)… so, mask the area off BEFORE applying your Wetlander and you will be fine.


    • Brian,

      Sorry, we only accept major credit cards. I you are concerned about entering your credit card onto a website, just call me directly at (518) 469-3612, and I will take of everything manually.


  16. Im looking at doing the bottom of my smaller airboat for use on the Ice on the lakes in Ontario, Canada what would you suggest for running on snow, slush, and hard ice

  17. I have wetlander on my boat now thinking about putting another coat on this summer can i just put top coat or will I have to put primer and top coat

    • John,

      Once you have started with a good base of either a 2-Layer kit or a 3-Layer kit, you can touch up with just straight topcoat. So, don’t worry about the primer once you have an existing layer of Wetlander.


    • Glen,

      Yes, they can be sprayed or rolled on. Wetlander typically sprays best with a 3.0 tip. Any apparatus that can reliably shoot a latex house paint should have no problem shooting Wetlander.


  18. I plan on using this product on my 22ft silver dolphin. I live in northern Canada, the ocean freezes every winter. will I need to worry about this while my boat is parked over the winter with -30 celcius weather?

    • Dolphin,

      Once the Wetlander is cured, there is no need to worry about extreme cold. It’ll be fine.


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