Koffler Sea Dory and Wetlander


To place an order, visit our Online Store HERE.

Or, if you would prefer to talk to an actual human, call the Wetlander expert

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Scott Hogan at (518) 469-3612.

Scott is our resident boat doctor and can handle all of your questions.  He has heard it all.  You cannot shock him; go ahead and try.

16 Comments on “Ordering

    • Peter,

      Yes. We will be happy to ship directly to you from our manufacturing facility in the northeastern U.S. Simply visit the online store, and place an order and the Wetlander will be shipped out within 24 hours. Or, you could call me directly at (518) 469-3612, and I will take care of your order personally. There are currently no retail stores in Alberta with Wetlander on their shelves.


    • Dave,

      As long as you know it is in fact ABS plastic, then yes. Wetlander gets great adhesion to ABS. However, adhesion to polyethylene and “roto-molded” plastic is not good, so make sure you know 100% that it is ABS. I would call the manufacturer and verify with them.


  1. Hi, I have called and texted several times without a word back. I have a question regarding installation. Can the topcoat be applied directly to clean raw aluminum, or must the primer be used?

    • I want to comment on my post. Scott was out on vacation and kindly responded today and provided very useful information and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Scott!!

      Impatient Boater

  2. How much of your product will I need to cover the bottom of a 16×54 drift boat?

    • Pat,

      For drift boats, I always recommend a 2-Layer kit in half gallon containers. Always.


  3. Please confirm this product will bond to gel coat as I am considering using on my 16 foot Clackacraft driftboat.


    • Mike,

      Any and all of the Wetlander products will get great adhesion to gelcoat.


  4. I have a flat bottom 1972 Jon boat, the whole thing needs to be re painted, are yalls products good to use on the deck and inside of the boat?

    • Josey,

      I don’t like putting Wetlander on the topside, especially decking or benches/seats… it’s just too slippery. You, your gear, and everything else in the boat will be sliding around like crazy. Not good.


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