Federal Safety Yellow on an Airboat

Color Chart

Wetlander comes in a wide variety of colors at no extra charge.  We also do custom colors and can color match most RAL Federal Standard colors.

Wetlander color chart

9 Comments on “Color Chart

  1. Scott:

    I have a 16′ Rapidcraft drift boat that is painted sky blue, including the bottom. Do I need to grind the paint off of the bottom before I use your topcoat? I am also thinking about putting it on the bottom of my unpainted 20′ Wooldridge sled.

    • Bill,

      We would like to see any and all old coating to come off your hull BEFORE applying Wetlander. This ensures that the Wetlander is adhering to the actual aluminum or gelcoat, and not a factory paint job (which could be too brittle and fail). It is possible to put Wetlander on an old coating/paint job, but then your brand new Wetlander will be adhering to suspect paint, rather than your actual hull.

      It is better to remove the old stuff.


  2. I have a 1958 hand built camper that needs attention. We have some leaks and suspicious seams. This product was mentioned as a possible remedy. Could you give us some feedback? Thank you.

    • Juli,

      Wetlander will help stop the water from weeping through small rivet pops and small welding/seam gaps. HOWEVER, stopping leaks is not what Wetlander is designed to do, nor would I ever recommend it as a leak stopping product.
      My advice is do it once and do it right: Weld those holes shut, or, use a marine grade sealant/adhesive that works well with aluminum (5200 by 3M is one) and plug up the holes. THEN coat it with Wetlander and you should have no problems with slow leaks.


    • Juli,

      I would hit the suspicious seams with 5200 marine caulk by 3M first, then apply some Wetlander in the color of your choice. That way you have 2 separate materials plugging the leaks and keeping your dry. A leaky camper, like a leaky boat, is no fun.


  3. What kind of roller would you recommend to get a really smooth surface with this product?

    • Hi Bub,

      If you want the smoothest coat possible, spray it with on with a 3.0 tip. Rolling Wetlander will always leave a slightly “rolled on” look. That being said, I always roll because it is faster, easier, and there is much less prep-work and cleanup. I like to use about a half-inch nap mini roller (like what you would use to paint a door). I don’t like using foam rollers because they can potentially leave little air bubbles that can dry into little pinholes. So, a regular fiber roller 5/8 to 1/2 inch nap is best, in my opinion.


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