Wetlander, along with the other Wearlon® branded coatings, are manufactured by the Plastic Maritime Corp., which has been supplying slick, hydrophobic waterborne epoxies to a wide variety of industries for over 30 years.  The unique and patented Wearlon technology bonds epoxy molecules to silicone molecules in a block copolymer.  This block copolymer structure is inherently stable and tough, but presents a slick and non-stick surface to whatever it is applied to.  Wearlon silicone epoxies are being used by automobile and aerospace manufacturers, in the Pulp and Paper industry, and in numerous manufacturing applications do to it’s efficacy, ease of application, and safe water-based formula.

Wearlon®Wetlander is a slick, durable bottom paint for your aluminum, fiberglass or wood hulled boat.  An application of Wetlander slick bottom coating will allow your boat to slip through vegetation, slide over rocks and brush, and allow you faster movement through both dry land-based terrain and water environments.

Wearlon®Wetlander is a water-based two part epoxy that is easily applied with a roller or by spraying.  It’s water-based chemistry means it is safe and easy to use – even by a non-professional.  The water-based chemistry also allows us to ship Wetlander anywhere in the world with no hazardous material charges, saving you money.

When you order Wetlander from this site, you are ordering directly from the manufacturer.

Derek Franklin AK caribou hunt Wetlander 3L on boat

From Derek F. – a successful Alaskan caribou hunt with a Wetlander 3 Layer kit on the bottom of his jonboat.

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