The best paint equipment for applying Wetlander

Big box stores sell tools for applying latex house paint.  Wetlander is not paint; it is a high-grade industrial coating.  Cheap painting tools are not going to work very well for you. After much testing, we have found the very best tools for applying Wetlander.

Roller:  We provide you with a 4.5 inch custom nap roller.  This size/nap cannot be purchased retail. The size and nap is customized for best results with Wearlon application.  Bad retail rollers means bad results. For example, foam rollers tend to leave air bubbles. Other rollers can “shed” and release their fuzz into your coating project, ruining the surface. Other rollers “shed” and release their fuzz into your coating project.  Also, with Wearlon being a silicone-based coating, (which means ‘slippery’), basic paint rollers tend to slide off the roller handle. We have found the roller and assembly, that works best and it is in the Application Kit.

Tape:  After testing dozens of different brands of blue painter’s tape rolls from hardware stores, big box retailers and internet suppliers, we have only two that work well with Wearlon. We learned quickly that tape is one of the most important, but often overlooked, material choices to the quality of a successful coating application.  When tape fails, it fails by tearing into annoying little slivers that take hours to remove. They also fail by allowing coating to seep under the edges and ruin your line. Most high priced retail blue tape have these problems. Some even rip when you try and remove it from the roll. We provide you with the highest quality, easy release painters tape that you cannot get at retail.

Lastly, this is not about money, it is about getting best results.  Consider,…

Price breakdown of high end painting supplies at a big box store
Wetlander Painting Kit including roller, roller handle, latex gloves, apinters tape and 4 sheets of sandpaper
These are the exact products we use and recommend for applying Wetlander. You can purchase them here.

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